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The consulting choices that Funds Back offers their clients are quite lacking. While they do cover the most important types of scams, online trading scams, there is still room for improvement. Of course, this is not a very big problem, and is more of a feature compared to the whole package. Review

Scams are a strange occurrence on the internet. Everyone thinks that they are too good to fall for a scam, until they fall for one. There is no shame in accepting that you fell for a scam, especially when it comes to more modern scams. These scams can be very difficult to decipher and can easily fool most internet users. So if you find yourself in this situation, you will need to try and get your money back. And one way that you can try and get your money back is with the help of Funds Back.

How Funds Back Helps You Retrieve Your Money

Funds Back is a service dedicated to helping people recover their funds from a scam. While many thing that it is impossible, that is far from the case. In most cases, it is very easy to recover money from a scam as long as the people in charge know what they are doing.

Funds Back understands how the market works, and how they have to go around to getting your money back. Getting your money back from a scam starts with sending them a complaint.

Verifying Your Complaint

When you send your complaint to Funds back, they will verify and check the eligibility of retrieving your funds. In some cases, there is not much that they can do to retrieve your money. The case might be too old, or there may be another reason why they could not take your case. Either way, they will first be checking if they can pursue your complaint.

After checking its legitimacy and accepting it, they can move onto doing research about the scam company.

Finding Relevant Information

In the event that they accept your complaint, you will have to provide more information about the company and your experience with them. This can greatly help Funds Back in tracking down and finding out more about the scam. Apart from the information that you will provide, they will also be looking into the scam company.

Funds Back has a team of experts that will find the relevant information about the scam company. Of course, this is a small company, which means that they will take some time to find their proof. While this can take some more time, you can rest assured that you will still be receiving a professional service.

Confronting the Company

After reviewing your case and finding the relevant information, it is time for Funds Back to confront the scam company. This is usually the hardest part of the entire recovery process, seeing how they will first have to bring out the company and only then can the negotiations begin.

These negotiations will also take some time, so you will have to be patient throughout the entire process. You will have to wait for their updates and for any news that they might bring.

Returning the Cash

Finally, after the negotiations are over, Funds Back will return your money back. During the negotiations, they usually decide how you will be receiving the funds back. Some companies can return your money lump sum, while others prefer giving the money back in installments. Either way, you will be able to retrieve your money with the help of Funds Back.

Sometimes, that is not where it ends. Some companies can disappear again after giving a few payments. In that case, you will contact them again and tell them that the payments have stopped coming. Funds Back will then contact the company again and ask them why they have stopped.

Other Services That They Offer

Other than helping people retrieve their money from scams, Funds Back also offers consultation. Their consultation also surrounds scams of different kinds, but focus mostly on online trading scams. These trading scams are quite abundant, and with their professional insight they can tell you if a site is a scam or not.

They can also offer you advice on how to spot a scam. This can be particularly useful, considering the fact that you will not always have a professional by your side to ask. You can also ask them any questions that you might have about scams.

Their Shortcomings

Despite being an all around great service, Fund Back is not without its faults. And while they are not necessarily deal breakers by any means, they certainly affect the experience. One of their shortcomings is that they are quite slow.

Slow Response Time

A common complaint that most people have had about Funds Back is that they can be slow when responding to their clients. Since recovery services will often take a lot of time when they are searching for evidence or negotiating for better terms.

While all services take their time, they try their best to stay in contact with their clients. By staying in touch with clients, these services can reassure them that everything is going fine. Funds Back, on the other hand, fails to connect with their clients on a regular basis. This can lead to clients feeling extra anxious when they are waiting. 

Lack of Consulting Choices

The consulting choices that Funds Back offers their clients are also quite lacking. While they do cover the most important types of scams, online trading scams, there is still room for improvement. Of course, this is not a very big problem, and is more of a feature compared to the whole package.

Getting Your Money Back, If a Little Slowly

Despite it having some short comings, Funds back is still a very good service. They offer great consulting services for online trading scams on top of their already diverse scam retrieval program. While they can take some time to get back in touch, they are still very efficient when it comes to getting your money back. They are good at finding relevant information about a company and making compelling arguments. They also have a good success rate of over 90%, which makes still makes it one o the better services despite their shortcomings.