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Money Back is one of the few companies to offer a service that helps you recover your money from scams. While working within the confines of the law, they track and locate the scam. Their main objective is to ensure that you get your money back from the scam. Review

Online trading has completely changed the world of investing. While usually a handful of brokers would gate keep the entire market, many can now trade on their own. In fact, trading has become so popular that people who often work a dedicated job take out time to trade.

However, with this influx of people trading, the number of scams on the internet has increased significantly. Not only have the increased in sheer number, but they have also become more convincing. so don’t be too hard on yourself when if you find yourself at the receiving end of a scam. But if you still want what you lost, Money Back can certainly help. Review

What is Money Back?

Money back is a service dedicated to helping you track and recover your funds from a scam. As we mentioned earlier, scams are getting much more convincing. Therefore, they help you track down the scam and retrieve your money.

It is worth mentioning that Money Back is neither a law firm nor a band of vigilantes. They are more akin to private investigators, who will confront various companies to give you refund with the help of local authorities. Although it’s never easy, they have They have had many satisfied customers over the past four years.

How They Help You Get Your Money Back

The first question that comes to someone’s mind when they hear about Money Back is how they can help me retrieve my funds. Money Back has been around for a long time and know where to start when someone falls victim to a scam. Here is how they will help you retrieve your funds from a scam.

Contacting banks and various financial institutions

The first step to getting your money back is to contact the various institutes between you and your transaction. These can often include credit card companies, banks, and even the processing companies if necessary. Money Back will be contacting them with a team of lawyers.

This team of lawyers will go to each of these institutes and argue that you should be getting your money back. These discussions will usually take center stage, and depending on how complex the case is, they might take some time. Throughout the discussion they will be discussing how the scam took money from you and how the institutes should reimburse you.

Chargeback and Confrontations

While confrontations are certainly their first choice in getting a response from various institutions, that doesn’t always work. Usually their team of lawyers will have to get a company’s attention, and the best way to do that is by calling a chargeback.

By calling a chargeback from the credit card companies and the banks, they can bring their attention to your case. More importantly, they can also threaten the owners of the scam. By showing them the different laws and rules that they are breaking, they will have to reach a settlement. Although this is the easiest route, it is rarely that simple.


Money Back is very picky with their cases. In fact, if they see no hope in a particular case, they will not accept it. These cases are usually very old, or have no basis on which the lawyers can ask for a reimbursement. Therefore, if they accept your case, it is more than likely that you have a good chance at getting your money back.

Therefore, a key role that you will be playing throughout the process is waiting. As we mentioned earlier, depending on the complexity of the case, you might have to wait somewhere between one and six months. While that might seem like long time to wait, you need to understand that these types of cases usually take time to show results.

Their Other Services

Other than helping you retrieve your money from online scams, they also help in bringing down international financial crimes. By gathering expert data and connecting the dots, they can track down the source of the crime. They also work with different organizations to spread awareness of the crime.

Besides helping you retrieve your funds from scams, they also stop you from being a victim in the first place. Their consultation services aim to educate in recognizing scams, therefore allowing you to steer clear of any danger.

How Well Do Their Services Stack Up?

Money Back is one of the few companies to offer a service that helps you recover your money from scams. While working within the confines of the law, they track and locate the scam. Their main objective is to ensure that you get your money back from the scam.

They have over four years of experience in the field. Therefore, at first glance, they are able to tell which cases have a chance of succeeding and which don’t. of course, there is a distinction worth making. They don’t only take the easy cases. Instead they take cases that have a chance of succeeding, even if they are slim.

By filtering out their cases like this, they have had quite the impress success rate. Moreover, they are also quite transparent with their customers. When it comes to communicating with customers, nothing really goes to the imagination. They ensure that you know everything that is going on, and you keep receiving updates. If they are making progress, you will be the first to know about what happens.

A Good and Reliable Service

Although we have come a long way from the Nigerian Prince scams of the early 2000s, scams can still be very convincing. Even if you stay on your toes, a scam can still catch you off guard. So it feels good to know that a service like Money Back exists to help you out.

Of course, not every company is a scam or fraud, which can make most cases tricky. All things considered, you can trust Money Back to help you in your time of need. Their dedicated service and years of experience makes them more than qualified to help you.