22-Investus FX Review – Can you Trust Them?

22-Investus FX Review

22-Investus FX logoOnline trading means opening an account with a broker and trusting them to provide you with quality and reliable services for trading in the financial markets. It is obviously a big responsibility and can often make people nervous because there have been countless incidents of scam brokerages. Who wants to get defrauded? The problem is it is not that simple or easy to know you are falling into a trap. There is no glaring sign that will immediately let you know that the brokerage is a scam; you have to look very closely, as in the case of this 22-Investus FX review, to find out the truth.

This can provide you the insight you need for making a smart decision. After all, anyone can set up a website these days and can offer you anything they feel like. They can make big promises and claims and this is exactly what these fraudulent brokerages are known to do. You are presented with a comprehensive and well-rounded trading solution that ticks all the right boxes and this convinces you to sign up with them. In fact, they make an effort to add features and offerings that will draw people in.

But, you have to do your homework before you trust anyone with your money or your data. This is exactly what you need to do in the case of 22-Investus FX as well and doing so will show you just how the broker is trying to defraud its clients. Let’s begin:

22-Investus FX website

Their regulation and licensing

The regulatory status and trading license of a brokerage should always be checked because you can enjoy protections with such brokers that unlicensed and unregulated platforms cannot offer. These companies are subject to tough rules and regulations and are monitored, which means they are quite credible and can be held accountable. So, where does 22-Investus FX stand in this regard? A look at their website shows that there is not much information available at all.

The only piece of information you do find about 22-Investus FX is that they are based in the United Kingdom. You will not find any information about a license, neither is there any company data or corporate background available. This means there are two problems that exist with this platform; first off, it is an anonymous website that you know nothing about and the second is that they are obviously not regulated or licensed.

Most importantly, they are claiming to be based in the UK, which means 22-Investus FX should have a license from the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). But, you can check their register and you will not find the broker mentioned there at all. This can mean one of two things; either they are lying about being based in the UK, or they are operating illegally on British soil. No one wants to deal with a company that’s lying or providing their services illegally because you cannot rely on them at all.

Their trading platform

If there is one feature of a brokerage that’s very important, it is their trading platform. This is their primary offering because you use this software to connect to the financial markets and execute your trades. Therefore, it has to be a powerful and feature-rich solution. The good thing about 22-Investus FX is that it promises their clients the MT4 trading platform.

When you do some research about the top trading platforms in the market, you will come across the MT4 platform. It is considered an industry-leading and powerful trading solution, so traders would obviously appreciate it. Unfortunately, 22-Investus FX is lying because when you check their trading platform, you will find a web-based trading interface given and it is not even branded. It is obvious that they are just using the MT4 name to lure clients in and this is certainly not something a legitimate platform would do.

Their leverage

The trading conditions offered by a broker are also something you need to take into account and this means taking a look at the levels of leverage you will be provided. The fact that 22-Investus FX offers leverage as high as 1:500 is certainly revealing because it cements the fact that you are not dealing with a licensed or regulated brokerage. Regulated jurisdictions do not permit brokers to offer their clients such high levels of leverage because of the risks involved. In the UK, brokers can only offer ratios as high as 1:30 and not more and this shows that you are dealing with a shady platform.

Their minimum deposit

You will find conflicting information about the minimum deposit you have to make with 22-Investus FX and this should be a concern because authentic brokers are very clear and accurate. According to this broker, you have to make a minimum deposit of €250, but if you take a look at the Bronze account that 22-Investus FX offers, which is the most basic one, then you will see that the minimum deposit is €500.

Their payment methods

It is a must to know what payment methods are available for deposits and withdrawals because you don’t want to deal with any hassle or inconvenience when adding or withdrawing your money. Even though 22-Investus FX promises payment options like Binance, Bitnovo, PayBis and Payeer, you will find that the reality is very different.

The actual payment methods that 22-Investus FX offers are Coinbase, PayPound, CoinDesk and wire transfer. These methods are not exactly safe because their payments are permanent and irreversible. If you find out you have been scammed, there will be nothing you can do to get your funds back. This is only an option that credit cards like VISA and MasterCard offer to you, which allow you to file for a chargeback to get your money back within 540 days of the transaction.

Ending Thoughts

Considering the lack of license, the false promise of the MT4 platform and the lie about payment methods, you can easily conclude that 22-Investus FX is not a broker you can trust for your trading journey.