Analytic Holdings Review – Is it a Scam Broker?

Analytic Holdings Review

Analytic Holdings logoDoing your homework is of the utmost importance when you are looking for a broker to trade in the financial markets. Why? It is because they provide you with everything you need for your trading journey and if they lack in any way, it means you suffer the consequences. When your goal is to make profits, you don’t want to risk that by making the wrong choice. Indeed, there is something as the wrong broker because not all of the companies out there are professional or reliable. They may appear to be so, but reality turns out to be different. This Analytic Holdings review will show you how that happens.

As there are hundreds of brokers in the market, people often get confused when they are looking at the options. Almost all of them will promise you a lot of features and the best services, so what do you do? This calls for research and it is exactly what this review can offer because you will face the same problem with Analytic Holdings. It claims to be a broker that’s renowned for outstanding customer service, reliability and education. Its offerings include an extensive variety of instruments for trading, including forex currency pairs, CFDs on commodities, shares, precious metals and indices, leverage as high as 1:400, tight spreads, a web-based platform and a choice of four account options.

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At first glance, you will find Analytic Holdings’ offerings legitimate and even attractive, but you will find out different when you give it a closer look. Let’s get started:

Regulation and Licensing

The most crucial aspect of any brokerage is whether they are regulated and licensed. This is how most people distinguish between authentic and scam brokers, so it is the first thing you need to look at when you are checking one out. When you take a close look at Analytic Holdings, you will find that it is owned and operated by a company named Mikato Trade LLC. Where is it based? It is registered in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, which doesn’t really offer any comfort.

This is due to the fact that authorities in this region just don’t pay attention to the forex industry, which means there is absolutely no oversight. Anyone can register a company and do as they please without getting into any hot water. Hence, signing up with a broker like Analytic Holdings that doesn’t have proper regulation and licensing would be a big risk because it exposes you to the risk of scams.

Trading Bonuses

As a trader, you may consider trading bonuses very appealing when they are offered by a broker. Who wouldn’t want to get a bonus on their deposit, which means you have more money to use for trading instruments? The problem with the use of trading bonuses is that they usually come with strings attached. In most cases, traders are not permitted to make withdrawals until they have fulfilled minimum trade volume requirements. Therefore, the practice of offering bonuses is no longer permitted by a number of regulatory authorities.

The fact that Analytic Holdings is offering them to its clientele should immediately send up a red flag. If you check out the fine print, you will find that they also have a minimum trade volume requirement associated with the bonuses. Another problem is that the broker has also clearly mentioned that they can revise their bonus policy without any prior notice, which means essentially, you will never be permitted to make a withdrawal.

Guaranteed Profits

The financial markets are considered lucrative and risky because of their volatility. If the volatility turns in your favor, it is lucrative because it can give you profits. But, if it goes in the opposite direction, it can result in losses and this makes it risky. It is not possible to predict what may happen, which means there is no way to guarantee profits, or losses. The fact that Analytic Holdings claims to help you multiply your profits as soon as you open a trading account with them is an outright lie. Any broker that’s promising you something like this is only going to scam you.

Minimum Deposit

It is understood that you will be required to make a minimum deposit for opening a trading account with a broker. While some brokers have decided to waive off this requirement for their clients in order to bring in more business, others do continue to follow this practice. Analytic Holdings falls in the second category as they have four account options, which are Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum, and each come with minimum deposit requirements. These are $250, $2,000, $10,000 and $50,000, respectively. These appear to be quite reasonable, but this doesn’t make the broker trustworthy.


The leverage offered by Analytic Holdings is around 1:400, which is undoubtedly attractive to traders. But, then again, the company doesn’t really have any credibility. Moreover, most regulated brokerages are not permitted to offer such high leverage to their clients by regulatory authorities.

Trading Platform

Considered the most vital feature of any brokerage, you would expect Analytic Holdings to offer you the best option. You are doomed to disappointment because rather than offering the MetaTrader platform, they are offering some type of web trader. Why would a good and professional broker not provide its clients access to the leading and most recommended trading solutions in the market, such as the MT4 and the MT5? It doesn’t make sense, unless it is not a genuine company.

Payment Methods

Lastly, when you check out the payment methods supported by Analytic Holdings, you will find that they offer VISA and MasterCard as well as Western Union. The problem is that there is no way for you to verify whether these options are available or not. Keeping in mind all the other flaws identified above, it is best not to take their word for it.

Bottom Line

Combine all of these problems with Analytic Holdings and it is easy to determine that it is a scam broker and not one to use for your trading experience.