Hong Kong Resident Lost his Life Savings at a Fake Trading

Despite increasing regulatory pressure from several foreign nations, the number of scam artists emerging from Israel is not decreasing. John is a 50 years old Hong Kong resident and business person. He is currently suing a scam business enterprise called Random Technology Company Ltd. for $650,000 in damages. John has chosen to keep his full name hidden to protect his privacy.

He came across several advertisements for a new commodities and trading website called Infinitrade.com. The website claimed that Jack Ma is the person who invested in the platform and made money. When John called the company, he was told in detail about the alleged business association of the enterprise with the forum. John’s trust sided with the company and ended up losing a lot of money.

John was happy with the user interface and inner workings of the website. He was brave enough to make 57 transactions on the platform, and he also made around $2 million from his initial investment. John told the reporters that he was satisfied with the results of this crypto trading forum. He also made big withdrawals from the website.

John has staked $582,000 on the platform. He only took out $50K and $75K from his profits. However, the scammers were not ready to lose any more money. The friendly and happy manager has told him that the forum is also working with names like Bill Gates and Richard Branson. When John wanted to draw out another $50K, he received a false receipt, and money never arrived in his bank account.

John tried to approach the scammers several times, but there was no one to talk with. Eventually, he received a call claiming to be from an employee of the company. The caller, who identified as Illya, disclosed that headquarter of the company is located in Tel Aviv, not London. The caller further explained that he was subjected to a scam.

John told the media that after losing such a huge amount of money, he had developed the mindset to purchase a new house and pay off his debts. However, after such a big loss, he lost his car, his home, and his business. Many people who are dealing with these issues do not open up out of embracement or inform the police. But the victims need to raise their voices and help the law enforcement agencies get more information about the culprits.