National Security Agency Claims that Russia is Planning to Conduct Massive Financial Frauds

The tussle and cold war between Russia and United States is no secret. Both countries try to compete in almost all walks of life. However, the countries are not engaged in a battlefield fight or dispute. There are many reports from time to time about intelligence agencies clashing with each other and launching covert attacks. Recently the National Security Agency (NSA) reported that Russian forces have set up shops in unknown locations.

The main objective of these forces is to plan, prepare for, and launch brute-force attacks. As per the NSA report, these attacks are not going to target any human being in physical shape or any venues. The GRU that is considered the main organization is exploring programming options for fulfilling its mission.

The NSA further informed that GRU, the main Russian organization that is operating from remote locations, has already conducted a series of attacks on Germany. As per NSA, the main aim of this terror organization is to find victims from many walks of life and professions and get them entangled in financial scams.

The GRU is allegedly actively looking for terror candidates who are experts in creating malware that can steal people’s personal information. On the other hand, the German authorities have negated this news. The BRU also asserted that all the cyber-attacks and attempts were intercepted by the German officials, and the threat actors were neutralized before any massive harm takes place.

Are Cryptocurrencies Going to Become a New Tool for War Among Nations?

A recent report by IMF economists postulated that cryptocurrency security risks could deprive a person of their life savings in a matter of a few seconds. It is common to hear about different types of sordid and intricate scams that are conducted by crypto scammers every other day.

However, in general, people are not feeling hesitant in general to put their money into new tokens and altcoins. The US Secret Service has put this new threat on the list of their priority. The organizations like FBI and FinCEN have set up public outreach centers to stay updated about these threat actors. The new warfare is not fought on land or the sky, but it seems that the internet and cryptocurrencies might forever change the meaning of warfare for the world.