Phishing Sites are Targeting Bad Actors and Scammers

Many people forgot about the infamous hack of a few years ago. The financial data stolen from the site was valued at $566 million, and it is still available on the dark web for threat actors. The hackers and scammers that are buying into the data to exploit their victims are now facing a new challenge in the market.

The domain called has been dead for many years, and it was swapped by some other scammers in 2020. Since that time, the platform has been issuing phishing messages online, looking for the scammers that are trying to exploit the financial data of the victims from the dark web store. This story is very interesting as it is one of the few incidences where scammers are stacked against other scammers.

Over the years, the people who were using the platform have taken measures to change their security details. However, scammers are sometimes expert hackers who try to figure out passwords and get more information with the help of their stolen information. One such scammer by the name of Mitch purchased some data about a debit card and tried to use it on the phishing advert site for investing in cryptocurrencies.

Many siphoned and forged sites are designed to trap these scammers specifically. The scammers stole the information about 26 million Debit and Credit card accounts. The scammer forged documents for claiming that he has deposited a small amount of money into the said website. However, he sent fake documents with real information about the customers, like social security numbers and other related information.

This is an interesting situation as scammers from both ends are trying to defraud each other. On the one hand, some scammers have set up a virtual currency scam site based in St.Petersburg, Russia. Meanwhile, those with fake financial information are trying to use the real credentials that were stolen from The aim of the former is to demand a refund for the money that they never deposited.

The scammers are trying to send these complaint-based emails in the form of phishing messages. When any scam site bites the bait, they start to grill them with legal threats and make strident demands for a refund. However, it takes some time for both parties to realize that it is nothing more than a wild goose chase. In some cases, the scammers also end up using their real money to invest in the fake virtual currency websites that are cherry on top.