Popular Scammers’ Hub got Hacked; Hacker leaks Crucial Information for a Small Price

The cryptocurrency markets at present are cramped with an increasing amount of scams and hack attacks. Even the most popular blockchain projects like Ethereum are not safe from these organized hacker’s invasions. However, for the first time, something good has come out of a hacking operation that can be relieving news for investors who have lost their money due to the activities of bad actors. 

OGUsers is a secluded hacker community where hackers worldwide gather to plan heists and work on different projects. This particular website has earned a bad reputation for being a gathering place for cybercriminals who are responsible for running social media scams for raking in cryptocurrencies. However, it seems that the hacking space is not as safe as it may sound. The website has been hacked a multitude of times, and it is expected to happen once again.

Lawmakers would be able to Gather Information about Crypto Scammers from the Hacking Forum

The idea seems absurd at first. However, the hackers responsible for the recent breach have set up online shops on a competing hacking forum and sell the database for a nifty price of $3000. According to Vitali Kremez, who is the chief operating officer at the cybersecurity agency Advance Intel, this database could assist law enforcement agencies. With the help of this date, it would be possible to navigate back to the registration email and track perpetrators’ real identity by intercepting the hackers’ IP addresses. 

This is the fourth consecutive time that the admin of the forum has confirmed the news of hacking. It should be noted that there is news about bad actors gathering on this forum for conducting some of the recent crypto-related scams on Twitter. The previous hack attempts managed to reveal the OGUsers hacker’s accounts that were planning to conduct a SIM swapping scam on a mass level.

Is OGUsers Going to Get Hacked once again?

The general impression is that OGUsers is no longer a safe place for interaction with fellow white hackers. The place has earned a bad name due to its connection with crypto scam heist and jeopardizes the anonymity of the hackers. Davidi Carimeil, CTO at cybersecurity firm KELA, says that the forum would find it difficult to recover from the recent damages. 

Furthermore, it is highly likely that users leave the platform and start new forums or join other communities. According to news reporters at Bleeping computer, the forum contains several vulnerable plugins that allow the hackers to shell the site. This forum is particularly famous for selling stolen verified social media accounts.