The Citizens of Malta have been Targeted by the Dedicated Fraud Group

The Police and Law Enforcement agencies of Malta have come across a new problem about cryptocurrencies. It seems that a website full of scamming content has appeared on the social media pages of the region. The scammers started to promote their fake websites with the help of Facebook posting and advertisements. 

When the victims show interest in these ads, they are prompted to pay a heavy fee for getting initiated. Malta is considered one of the safest nations for cryptocurrency trading. Several detailed and diverse crypto-related regulations have been imposed by the local government. However, the current popularity of digital assets has also increased the number of crypto-related rip-offs in Malta.

Scammers are Using Famous Personalities and Celebrities to Lure their Victims into an Elaborate Crypto Con

When the citizens of Malta are prompted to become part of the crypto revolution, they have instructed to set up a new digital wallet. The scammers also direct the victims to a fake website. The website is filled with celebrities and many other famous personalities. Images from press events and the stars from the entertainment industry have been portrayed with fake statements.

There are also several misleading crypto-related articles on the scam website. The police and the Cyber Crime Security Unit have received complaints from several famous personalities. The website is operated under the name of Anton Sacco. It seems that this Maltese-sounding name is made up to get the victims to be more trusting.

Among other noteworthy names, Davide Tucci is a film actor whose images have been used by scammers to lure in more victims. The con artists have also attached a fabricated statement with his images claiming that he has been able to make 2 million euros after going through bankruptcy.  

Tucci has reported the scam website to the authorities. He also posted warning videos and posts on his social media pages to raise awareness about the con. The scam website asks their victims to send them 250 euros for registration fees. However, when the fee is transferred, the scammers vanish and never send them any crypto trading options.