Crypto Firm Has Partnered With Dubai Police To Teach Investors About Crypto Fraud

The Dubai police find itself engaged in a selfless and innovative outreach program in which it will be partnering up with the crypto firm known as BitOasis for the sake of spreading awareness to ever-increasing crypto fraud among investors and traders. The very motive of this collaboration would be to help the investors and traders learn more about crypto fraud, different tactics cybercriminals might use to engage them in this kind of fraud, and other relative scenarios as well.

The CEO of BitOasis is very much confident that this association with Dubai police will help the investors to protect their hard-earned money and traders from such wild crypto scams in the future. The CEO has also mentioned an initiative that the firm is dealing with, which is to engage policymakers into making such regulations that would make crypto space better and safe for everyone.

Dubai Wants To Become A Safe Haven For Crypto

The head of the Dubai police digital asset crime section said that the involvement of police with such decent and innovative outreach programs is a must because this way, investors and traders could be warned about the culprits sneaking in to try and steal from them. This partnership was announced at the same time as when UAE has embraced the blockchain industry and crypto-assets. This might be a careful initiative taken by Dubai to make it a safe space for investors and traders.

Dubai police will be engaging in various dedicated sections of this amazing outreach program with experts and crypto analysts who know what they’re doing so they can help to spread timely awareness among active traders and investors. The average number of crypto scams has gone high in the last five years, and that is why Dubai is taking extraordinary precautions to ensure that when it steps into this realm, everything remains focused and consistent with new regulations and policy changes within the crypto industry. There is currently no information available on how this initiative will proceed, but as time passes, more information will definitely be made available in this regard.