Crypto YouTuber Logan Paul is Promoting a Scam Coin

Logan Paul is a YouTube and social media personality with a massive following. Controversies and scandals always surround him in one way or the other. While the crypto market is attracting so much attention, Logan Paul decided to delve into shit coins to attract some more attention in his direction. These days, the controversial YouTuber is busy promoting a new digital token called Dink Doink coin.

He quoted a tweet from the Dink Doink official Twitter account claiming that he is all in. Interestingly, Logan was not hesitant to admit that it is a shit coin at all. It should be noted that shit coins are the altcoins that hold no value and do not have any noteworthy use cases. Paul went on to claim that all his relatives are putting their money into the Dink Doink coin as well.

Twitter Influencer Called out Logan Paul for Publically Promoting a Crypto Scam

Chad is a crypto influencer who took it upon himself to call out Logan Paul for promoting a crypto scam. Chad went on to bash Logan Paul for not considering the impact of these shit coin endorsements among his followers. According to him, these types of influencers who use their followers to make a quick buck should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

However, any legal barriers are not preventing Logan Paul from keeping promoting the scam project. He even talked about the Dink Doink coin on his podcast Impaulsive co-hosted by George Janko and Mike Majlak. On the podcast, he claimed that this shit coin is the dumbest and cutest thing he has ever seen. He further added that the presence of South Park Style cartoons makes the coin even more fun. None of his comments about the altcoin in question refers to any technical analysis or real use case.

Coffeezilla is a YouTuber who has been covering several crypto-related scams for quite some time. In a new video, he called out Logan Paul for shamelessly promoting a visible crypto scam with millions of followers. He also alleged that the Dink Doink coin is the invention of Logan’s elder brother. He also shared a comment from the person who claims to be the Dink Doink CEO. The comment reads that Logan Paul himself proposed the concept and title for the scam coin.

The Dink Doink CEO also claimed that Logan Paul also designed the mascot for the scam coin on his Snapchat application. Five percent of this fee is distributed among all holders, while the remaining part is staked on PanCake Swap. Coffeezilla also claims that 80% of the entire Dink Doink coin holdings are under the ownership of whales.