Dark Web Hackers are Selling Stolen COVID-19 Vaccines

The dark web is a place that is filled with suspicious buyers and sellers. It is the part of the internet that is not accessible by a normal search engine. According to a blockchain promotion enterprise called Coinfirm, the threat actors are selling stolen COVID-19 vaccines on the dark web. The report published by Coinfirm unveils a darknet website called Vaccine shop. The owners of the website have proudly put up COVID-related vaccines for sale.

These vaccines are stolen from hospitals and government health care institutions. It is claimed that they are BioNTech and Moderna vaccines that are most tested and used in the industry. The illicit website owners also claim that any person hailing from the USA, Canada, France, Poland, Mexico, Netherlands, Italy, and Spain will get vaccines delivered to them in an ice bag at their doorstep.

The owners of the stolen COVID-19 vaccine sellers in the United States offer other services for crypto payments as well. The web store named Vaccine Shop claims that for a small fee, the users can also acquire a legitimate vaccination certificate or enter their names into the government COVID-19 vaccinated database. The bad actors claim that if the users feel safe, they could share their user information or enter it on their own to maintain privacy.

This information will be added to the national database, and the handwriting will also be matched with the person who is choosing to enter the false information. In this manner, the name of the person would not come up in the government database as someone who needs to get vaccinated. The bad actors further claim that they accept payments in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash coin, Litecoin, Tron, XMR, and Zcash.

Hackers have Given Digital Wallet Address on their Website

The COVID-19 vaccine sellers on the dark web have left a digital wallet address online for those who are interested in purchasing their services. The address is a cluster of addresses that exist on a Hong-Kong based crypto exchange. This exchange platform is known to have many regular clients from Eastern Europe. Another major dark web COVID-19 vaccine smuggler is Russian based website Hydra.

The option of purchasing stolen COVID-19 vaccines and falsified vaccination certificates is available for somewhere around 3,500 to 35,000 Russian rubles. One vendor offering services on the deep web Hydra website promises to provide a full-course vaccination certification complete with doctor signatures and an authentic healthcare institution seal.